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What are the hoops made from?

They are custom made from one inch welded tubular steel.


How do I know what size hoop to order?
Size depends on your height. A standard medium hoop will suit height approximately 5'3" to 5'7". Standard large is 100cm, standard small is 90cm. Smaller size hoops for kids also available.
Do the hoops come taped?
Free stitched wrap is included in the price, andthere are always lots of colours and prints to chose from. Stitched wrap is slightly more padded and comfortable than tape, and you don't get nasty sticky edges!
Do hoops come with rigging?
You can buy hoop only, or if you need the full kit, see our hoop and accessories bundle/package page.
Can hoops be rigged from the ceiling?
Yes if your beams are suitable. We sell ceiling fixings, but you must ensure that beams are checked, and fixings installed by a qualified builder.
What is the difference between a single point hoop and a two point hoop?
A single point hoop can only be rigged from a single point, and will spin. A two point can be rigged to a single point to spin, or to to separate points, in which case it can only swing back and forth, it can't rotate. Some people like this for beginners, but it's really just a matterof taste, one isn't better than the other. If you're looking for cheapest set up, go for a single, as a two point needs twices as much rigging.
Are hoops always round?
No, not at Superfly! We have squaerials, flexicubes, and can also do custom shapes if you're looking for something special for a show.

Any other queries, please feel free to message or contact 07703 135078.




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